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Take a look around our Mediterranean-style Orange County hotel! Located in the heart of Laguna Beach and steps from ocean, La Casa del Camino provides the perfect home base for a few days of surfing, swimming, and exploring. With our vintage, Spanish-style guest rooms, individually-designed surf rooms, and boutique, private cottage, we offer some of the most unique accommodations in Southern California. After a long day at the beach, venture up to The Rooftop for an afternoon mojito and prepare yourself for an incredible view of legendary Laguna Beach sunset. While we know that our photo gallery won’t resolve your wanderlust, we just hope that we don’t make it worse. Proceed with caution. In terms of pure drama, La Casa del Camino offers more than any other landmark in the city. From graceful arches and rustic wooden balconies that capture the Spanish revival style, to the soaring views of the Laguna village and Riviera coastline, La Casa del Camino brings it together like nowhere else. Take a step back in time and explore the rich, storied past of Laguna Beach’s most iconic hotel.